Ghost Tours of Harpers Ferry

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How long is the tour?

A) The tour usually lasts about 1 & 3/4 hours.



Q) Is the tour appropriate for Children?

A) Although the stories are at times dramatic and spooky, there is nothing that jumps out or grabs you, we simply tell ghostly stories about places within the town.  For this reason, children typically do very well on the tour.  Occasionally, there is a child for whom the stories are too scary, but overall, most children absolutely enjoy them.



Q)  What happens if it rains or thunderstorms on the day of the tour?

A)  The same stories as are told on the tour will be told inside The "O' Be JoyFull" Center's 19th Century Parlor, or the sanctuary of St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church.



Q)  What if it starts to rain after a tour has already started?

A)  If it is a very light rain, or drizzle, the tour will continue as planned.

If it is a heavy rain, or downpour, we will retreat to the indoors to continue with the same Ghost Stories.

Although an attempt to reach a co-operative group decision will be made in all instances of heavy rain, or a downpour, it will be up to the sole discretion of the tour guide/story teller, as to when a tour may be moved inside the sanctuary of St. Peter's Church.

When it's cold and the temperatures, including 'Wind Chill,' are going to fall into the 30's at any time during the tour we will be telling Sanctuary Ghost Stories in the Sanctuary of St. Peter's Church rather than walking around outside.


Q) What about strollers or those who are handicapped?

A)  The only part of the tour that is not accessible for strollers or someone who is handicapped is the part above the stone steps.  We offer the group the option of not climbing the steps and should anyone in the group prefer this, they can simply raise their hand.  They would in no way be putting the others in the group out since the stories are exactly the same whether we climb the steps or not.  We simply change the vantage point from which we tell them.

Q)  Should we bring flashlights?

A)  Absolutely!  Flashlights are encouraged, however we do request that they only be used while we are walking.  It is a bit bothersome to the tour guide when a flashlight is aimed directly in his, or her eyes.

Q)  Are pets welcome?

A)  Yes - since the tour is usually entirely outside, except in the case of rain, or thunderstorms, your pet is most welcome.  However if you know your pet to be skittish in large crowds or around strangers, it may not be a good idea to bring them.

Q)  Where do we park?

A)  You can park in the train station parking lot located on Potomac Street.

Q)  When do we pay and what forms of payment do you accept?

A)  Payment is collected either in advance at The "O' Be JoyFull" Center, or on the evening of the tour, via cash or check.