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Thursday, August 6th, 2015


 We are open year 'round!

However, we will be closed on: 


Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Monday, September 10th, 11th, 12th & 14th

For Family Vacation



Holy Thursday, April 3rd, 2016

(Scroll down page for additional days we are closed) 



 NOTE:  Please remember that when the sun goes down it can get chilly at night, even during some of the warmer months, so a check of the forcasted temperature could be helpful.

In the colder months you should be sure to dress very warmly!  It's colder out at night!  Especially in the late fall and winter, unless you are very warm blooded, extra layers, long johns, wool socks, etc. will make your experience more enjoyable! *

* PLEASE NOTE:  In the event of really bad weather, heavy rain and/or lightning and thunder, and/or when it is below 40 degrees, we go inside to the beautiful and historic sanctuary of St. Peter's Chuch, where you will hear the same ghostly stories, while viewing pictures of the same haunted sites!

With many years experience we have found that when the temperatures dip below 40 Degrees, a lot of people find themselves freezing cold, especially their feet, within the first 30 - 45 minutes of the tour, making the experience less enjoyable. 

 Additionally, feedback from customers tells us that hearing the same stories, while viewing pictures of the same haunted sites, provides a very enjoyable night of ghostly entertainment, especially when you can then walk just a few blocks to see those sites right after the warm 'Ghost Stories in the Sanctuary' session.  (Plus, you will have walked by most sites on your way to St. Peter's Church and will most likely recognize the sites in the pictures.  You can also go back to those sites after the stories to hang out, take pictures, etc.!)


(See below for dates that we are closed.)


Amelia - Guide & Storyteller for...

The One, The Only, The Original...

Ghost Tours of Harpers Ferry

The oldest ghost tour in America!!!

Circa. 1970, is now...

Ghost Tours of Harpers Ferry

by "O' Be JoyFull!"










We are open year round and always conduct the Ghost Tour, Rain or Shine!


You can "click" on:

"Cusomter Reviews/Comments/Forums" Page

to see more of what people have said about our tours!


We meet at: 

The Piazza (Front Patio) of

St. Peter's Catholic Church

100 Church Street, Harpers Ferry, WV.

(One long block up Public Way from the

intersection of High Street & Public Way.)



The cost for the approximate 1 & 3/4 hour Ghost Tour is $14.00 per person, $10.00 per child 8 to 12 years of age, and there is no charge for well behaved children under 8 years of age.  (Children who are not well behaved will be given a sugary and caffene loaded snack at the end of the tour, along with a free puppy for their parents to care for, plus they'll also be sent home with a very cranky ghost to keep you awake every night for at least the next week!)  (Just kidding! Or are we?)

We accept cash and checks only.  We apologize for not having the ability to take credit cards.

There are group discounts available for groups of 10 or more.  Call for more information and pricing.  (Groups discounts are not available, or offered for any Sunday night tours, or in October.)





Important Parking Information!


There is no parking at or next to the Church!

Parking is available at the Potomac Street Train Station (No fee required after 5 PM), 120 Potomac Street, Harpers Ferry, WV, which is approximately 6 blocks down the hill from St. Peter's Church.  There is also some parking along Potomac Street.

Additional parking is also available 1/3 mile up High St. (turns into Washington St.) in front of the Town Park (near intersection of Washington & Columbi Streets), as well as at the closed down Hilltop House Hotel, at 400 East Ridge Street.  Please allow extra time to find parking during the very busy October leaf peeping and ghost seeing season!

It's best to check out or because GPS systems do not always work well here.

(Warning!:  Parking in the very small lot next to the church, or in any driveway near the church, or anywhere on the street near the church, risks a $125.00 Federal Parking Ticket and/or having your vehicle towed at your expense, and there are no exceptions for handicapped plates, handicapped stickers, or for veterans, V.I.P.'s, etc!  THE ONLY SAFE PLACE TO PARK IS ALONG POTOMAC STREET AND/OR AT THE TRAIN STATION ON POTOMAC STREET, OR UP THE HILL ON WASHINGTON STREET, OR IN THE OLD HILLTOP HOUSE HOTEL PARKING LOTS!  We wish this wasn't the case, but it just is.

Restrooms:  There are no restrooms.  Please click on the tab at the left  labeled "Tour Information and Restrooms," for more information.



 Regular Schedule


We offer Ghost Tours Monday through Saturday nights!  We also offer Sunday night tours on some 3 day Holiday Weekends (We then are closed on that Monday night), and we also offer Sunday night tours during last 3 weekends in October.  (Scroll down this page for more information.)

During the months of April through September, Ghost Tours are conducted every Friday & Saturday nights at 8:00 PM. Please arrive by 7:45 PM as the tour starts promptly at 8PM, plus tours are also conducted Monday through Thursday nights at 8:00 PM, by reservation, which must be called in to 304/725-8019  or 732/801-0381, by 6:00 PM on the day that you would like to take the tour. 

(NOTE:  If you leave your reservation on our answering machine by 6:00 PM, please be assured that your message will be received and that you can then simply arrive to The "O' Be JoyFull" Center for your tour.  You do not have to receive a call back from us for a confirmation and we may not be able to call you back, but we will be there for you.)

Again, from April through September, Friday & Saturday night ghost tours do not require reservations* and will also leave from The Piazza (Stone Patio) of St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, 100 Church Street, Harpers Ferry, WV, at 8:00 PM.

Note:  During the very busy month of October, and during our "Off Season," from November 1st through March 31st, tours are available Monday through Saturday by reservation only, and reservations must be called in by 6 PM on the day you'd like to take the tour or experience Parlor Ghost Stories.

HALLOWEEN NOTICE - During the last three weekends of October (16th-17th-18th, 23rd-24th-25th, 30th, 31st-Nov.1st), we will offer tours both 6 PM and 8 PM on Friday and Saturday nights, and a 6 PM tour on those Sunday nights. 

From October through March we offer tours, or Sanctuary Ghost Stories (if really bad weather) inside the church, Monday through Saturday nights at 8 PM, but we do need you to call us for a reservation, by 6PM the day of the tour, to make sure we'll be there for you!

(All tours, or Sanctuary Ghost Stories,  start at St. Peter's Roman Catholic church and start promptly at 8 PM, so please make sure to arrive for your tour by 7:45, or earlier!)

Call Rick Garland at...

732/801-0381 or 304/725-8019

(Please leave a message at either number!) 


Scroll down the page to see on which Sunday nights that we'll also conduct Ghost Tours:

(We are normally closed on Sundays)


Sunday night tours...

We are normally closed on Sunday nights and do not offer tours, however if you have a group of 10 or more people, we will gladly conduct a Sunday night tour for your group (Pre-payment is required and discounts are not offered on Sundays).  Please call us if you'd like to arrange a Sunday night tour.

Sunday night tours currently scheduled that you can join in with  (Please call to let us know you'll be joining us)...


(These Sunday night Tours will start at 8 PM)

Sunday, May 24th, 2015 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Sunday, September 6th, 2015 (Labor Day Weekend)

Sunday, October 11th, 2015 (Columbus Day Weekend)


(The following Sunday night Tours will start at 6 PM)

Sunday, October 18th

(Tour will start at 6 PM)


Sunday, October 25th

(Tour will start at 6 PM)


Sunday, November 1st

(Tour will start at 6 PM)



The cost for the approximate 1 & 3/4 hour Ghost Tour is $14.00 per person, $10.00 per child 8 to 12 years of age, and there is no charge for well behaved children under 8 years of age.  (Children who are not well behaved will be given a sugary and caffene loaded snack at the end of the tour, along with a free puppy for their parents to care for, plus they'll also be sent home with a very cranky ghost to keep you awake every night for at least the next week!)

We accept cash and checks only.  We apologize for not having the ability to take credit cards.

There are group discounts available for groups of 10 or more.  Call for more information and pricing.  (Groups discounts are not available, or offered for any Sunday night tours, or in October.)

If you call by 6:00 PM for a tour, we'll be there for you at The "O' Be JoyFull" Center, at 7:30 PM, for an 8:00 PM tour!  (Just be sure to always check below under "Closed On The Following Days..." to make sure we are open and offering tours on that day immediately prior to calling as these dates can change from day to day!)

Note:  You do not have to hear back from us to know that we'll be there to conduct your tour!  If you leave a message for a tour by 6:00 PM (5:00 PM during the "Off Season" - see below), please be assured that we will be there by 7:30 PM, to conduct your tour at 8:00 PM.  However, due to other professional committments, we may not be able to call you back with a confirmation.




We will be closed on the following days...  


St. Patrick Church Celebration:

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

Holy Thursday:

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 

Memorial Day:

Monday, May 25th, 2015

Labor Day:

Monday, September 7th, 2015


Family Vacation:

Thursday, Friday & Saturday, September 10th, 11th & 12th


Columbus Day: 

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Thanksgiving Eve & Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

New Years Eve & New Years Day


When it's really cold, we bundle up with lots of layers, long johns, wool socks, etc., and we still conduct the nightly Ghost Tour for those hearty souls who long for the tales of Harpers Ferry's lost souls! 

 BUT, when the weather is just too cold or bad, when it's just too rainy, or just too too cold, you can still plan on a special evening of Harpers Ferry Ghost Stories told in the warmth of the beautiful St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church!

You will enjoy all the same great Harpers Ferry Ghost Stories, while viewing color pictures of the town's same haunted sites!  (We conduct the tour outdoors in most light, or moderately steady rains, unless it is just too cold.) 

Otherwise, the tour will be conducted outside, so in cooler weather make sure to bundle up!  Extra socks, warm shoes, layers, long johns, etc. will enhance the enjoyment of your tour!  Keep in mind that it gets much colder at night after the sun goes down!

"My Fiancee' and I planned a weekend getaway and chose to add the ghost tour to our evening plans. I had called 4 days prior to schedule our evening. The night of the tour, there were wind chills of -4. Rick called us a few hours prior and suggested we go for Parlor Ghost Stories by the wood stove instead to which we happily agreed.. We were greeted by a cozy warm room and hot chocolate. Being a historian, Rick was able to paint an excellent picture of the town in the days of the war. We would definitely attend this tour again, rain or shine!"...Shaunee, Glen Burnie, MD, January 4th, 2010.



Rick Garland, of "O' Be JoyFull" Historical Tours & Entertainment, the new owner/manager of Ghost Tours of Harpers Ferry, is a Historian, Licensed Tour Guide, Musicologist, Vocalist, Pianist and Historical Story Teller, who conducts historical tours of both Harpers Ferry, WV and Gettysburg, PA, as well as a number of historical songs & stories concert shows. 

 Rick's website for "O' Be JoyFull" Historical Tours & Historical Songs & Stories Concert Shows is

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Owner & Living Historian Rick Garland




The tour is a 'Family & Dog Friendly' Spooky Stories experience appropriate for most people of all ages (see a more detailed description on page 2 of this website, labeled 'Tour Information').  We do not attempt to contact, talk to, or 'Hunt,' any ghostly spirits, however we do allow and encourage picture taking!

The stories are based on the 1977 book, pictured above, "A Ghostly Tour of Harpers Ferry." 

Shirley Dougherty, the author, had opened up a popular Harpers Ferry restaurant in 1968, "The Old Iron Horse." Although Shirley did not believe in ghosts when she opened the restaurant, she and others soon experienced a number of unexplainable ghostly phonomenon that caused her to start asking questions about the history of the building and Harpers Ferry hoping to find explanations that might account for, or explain the strange things that were happening.

Not only did Shirley learn about some of her building's past history, but local people also came to her with stories about many of the other buildings in the historical "Lower Town" section of Harpers Ferry, which she subsequently published in her book and began to tell on nightly tours, which she had combined with other stories, including some that were told on tours that the National Park used to conduct themselves.

Today, the tour continues to tell both the stories originally recorded by the National Park, as well as those compiled and told by Shirley Dougherty herself on what is now the oldest ghost tour in America!

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